Saturday, December 10, 2016

HGG|| Magic Sketch

Magic Sketch, a fun new way for your kids to draw, play, and learn!  The flexible, LCD screen is transparent, allowing kids to trace with the provided stencils or from their own images!  Magic Sketch is from the makers of the hit product Boogie Board who are also the leaders in crystal display technology.  

With Magic Sketch your kids can create all kinds of amazing art and, unlike most tablets, the Magic Sketch is super kid proof!  They can drop it, toss it, even step on it -- it won’t break!  It’s completely water resistant, so if they have a spill, just wipe it off and keep going!  With the advanced internal electronics, you can clear the screen with just the push of a button! The best part?  With the Free App you can save, edit, and share your child’s work! 

Each Magic Sketch retails for $29.95 and includes:
      Magic Sketch
      Protector Guard
      1 Roller
      3 Stamps
      20 Learning Stencils
      20 Games Stencils
      20 Art Stencils
It’s a great gift for the holidays! 

Friday, December 9, 2016

HGG|| Outlander" merchandise

Just in time for the holiday season Sony Pictures Television brings you a vast array of products for the avid “Outlander” fans in your life. These products, inspired by the Emmy® and Golden Globe® nominated worldwide hit series which is based on the bestselling novels by Diana Gabaldon, range from fashion and jewelry, collectibles, Blu-Rays®, books, soundtracks, wine and more.

Thursday, December 8, 2016



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Stuck for that perfect adult stocking stuffer?  Novelty wines, with their often humorous labels, fit perfectly into a stocking and can be tailored to just about anyone on your list when you use some creativity in your giving.

Selective Wine Estates offers a number of wines for that special someone in your life with a sense of humor.  Each wine retails for just $9.99 and is made from quality grapes grown in select regions of Italy. 

For Mom, there’s Mommy’s Time Out Wine (, which comes in four varieties: Mommy’s Time Out Delicious Pink, Delicious Red, Pinot Grigio or Moscato because every mom deserves a break.  Pair the wine with a great book, a manicure set, a candle or some other fun "pamper yourself" items for the perfect stocking. 

For Dad, there’s Dad’s Day Off Chianti (, a delicious blend of red wine from the well-known Chianti region of Italy.  When paired with a golf glove, tees, a golf ball or visor, you can give dad a terrific idea for relaxing on his day off.

Last, but certainly not least, is First-Rate Old Fart ( because everyone has a favorite old fart in his or her life. This red wine, a blend of Merlot and Raboso grape varietals, comes from Italy and has nice acidity, good balance, and mouth-watering fruit flavors.

For Grandpa or Uncle Wally, it makes a great gift when paired with a nice pair of gloves or a scarf for those cold winter days.

These wines also make great gift baskets when paired with a fun wine glass or your loved one’s favorite food treats.  It will be a gift they’ll never forget.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016


Winter is on its way – and you know what that means – comfort food season is upon us! It’s the time of year to indulge in hot meals that warm us up and fill us up! And nothing brings families together quite like a big pasta dinner. 

What makes each pasta dinner unique? The sauce, of course! Perhaps you have a family recipe or even a go-to store brand sauce that you swear by.  Hoboken Farms has a trio of sauces that will make you re-think what it means to eat sauce from a jar (literally – people have been known to eat it by the spoonful, sans pasta!) With the simplest ingredients, this locally crafted sauce may fool you ­or your guests ­as being homemade. The purveyors of the coolest line of BIG PASTA SAUCES offers three staples to choose from; BIG RED marinara, BIG BOSS vodka and BIG BASIL (NEW!).

Skeptical? The Wall Street Journal named BIG RED Marinara America's best tasting sauce in 2011. 

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

HGG|| Black Ops lighter from Plazmatic X

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The Plazmatic Black Ops lighter is a flameless windproof lighter that uses dual beam plasma beams instead of butane or harmful liquids. It’s perfect for harsh windy environments where conventional lighters and matches struggle. The Plazmatic lighter will quickly light cigars, candles (even wood ones), incense, or anything else you need to light.

The lighter is $50 or there is now a Black Friday special.

Plazmatic lighters look stunning, provide quiet, reliable lighting power at over 900 degrees and don’t use nasty butane. 

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Matthew Stoll is the founder and inventor of Plazmatic and has always been a tinkerer. After studying marketing and engineering in college, working a number of odd jobs and starting his own electronics company, the perfect idea finally hit him -- re-invent the lighter. Inspired by the way automakers like Tesla were using batteries to produce cleaner, more eco-friendly products, he made it our mission to turn butane fuel into a thing of the past.

Plazmatic spent thousands of hours designing, prototyping and engineering a revolutionary new lighter. They gave it a better battery, improved the electric output, housed it in a slimmer, more durable case and upgraded that single beam to our iconic purple "X". Finally, after more than a year of development and testing, the Plazmatic lighter was born.

Today, with tens of thousands of delighted customers all over the world, the company’s mission is more clear than ever: make the best rechargeable lighters in the world. Period.